Neil Pryde SPX 50 SDM Mast


If you are looking for performance with no compromises, X100 is the clear choice. Thanks to this mast’s prepreg, 100% Carbon construction (where the combination of carbon layers, fibre orientation and mandrel geometry control the bend curve and flex) this mast has a lightning fast response and a lightweight feel providing optimum performance. In the final step of production carbon prepreg tape is continuously wrapped around the whole mast creating an outer protective layer and a very durable mast.

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TheNeil Pryde SPX 50 SDM Mast offers affordable performance. 50% made out of Carbon and is practically indestructable. TPX and SPX masts are finished using our unique, “Shark skin” surface texture layer. This low friction surface finish prevents wet materials from sticking to the mast surface and reduces friction.



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