2021 Starboard 8’0 x 31.5″ Hypernut Foil Starlite 4-in-1 Stand Up Paddle Board Package


Starboard Starlite Foil 4-in-1:
Length: 8’7″ / 261.6 cm
Width: 32″ / 81.3 cm
Thickness: 4.4″ / 11.2 cm
Tail Width: 18.5″ / 47 cm
Volume: 143 L
Rider Weight: 45-95 kg
Fin Setup: Thruster/ Quad
Weight: STARLITE: 9.8 kg (est)
Fins: Center: 170 / Side: 4.7″

2020 Starboard FreeWing Air: 
Aspect ratio: 1.98 Wind range: 11 – 28 Recommended Inflating Pressure (PSI): 5

The 2021 Starboard Lima Tufskin 2 pcs: 

Blade Length: 16.5″ (42cm)
Blade Width: 7.2″ (18.2cm)
Area: 81.8 Square Inches / 528.1 cm2
Fixed Shaft Total Length: 84.6″ / 215 cm
Min. Adjustable Length: 62.6″ / 159 cm
Max. Adjustable Length: 84.8″ / 213.6 cm

The Ak Surf foil 1600cm²/2000cm²: 
1600cm²: Front Wing: 1600cm2   Rear Wing: 300cm2    Mast: 70cm

2000cm²: Front Wing: 2000cm2 Rear Wing: 300cm2    Mast: 70cm

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The 2021 Starboard 8’0 X 31.5 Hyper Nut Foil Starlite Foil 4-in-1 Stand Up Paddle Board is possibly the most versatile Foil board ever made. You can SUP, Wing, Windsurf and Foil in Waves or Flat water. The shape evolves from the previous range of Hyper Nut with the longer length, providing slightly more glide to get up foiling earlier. The Board features a 3/4 Deck-pad, a carry handle, 3-fin setup and is incredibly light for a board of this size at 9.8 Kg. It’s relatively short length gives the board great manoeuvrability without compromising on glide.

The Ak Surf foil is ideal for heavy weight & light wind kiting. Large rear wing for versatile performance: 1600cm²/2000cm² AK Surf front wing.The AK Surf Foil Large was developed specifically as a surf foil to perform in small to medium size waves, or for heavier riders over 80kg / 200LBS, in all-around surf or for light wind kite foiling.

2020 Starboard FreeWing Air 5m is an all-around wing that’s easy to use. Optimal for wingfoil beginners to down-the-line wave riders.

The 2021 Starboard Lima Tufskin 2 Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle offers a concave and cupped blade shape integrating the very latest from our World Champion Lima paddles.


Package Deal Includes:

  • 2021 Starboard Hypernut Foil Starlite 4-in-1 SUP
  • 2021 Starboard Tufskin 2pcs Adjustable Paddle
  • Starboard Airrush Inflatable Wing 6/7m
  • AK Reflex Carbon Foil 2000



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